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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday February 18th, 2019 with Ralph Hopper
Ake Parmerud, Warren Burt, Glenn Sogge, Mark Hjorthoy, Roderik De Man, Chrysakis, Nathalie Aguer

Substring Bridge
Ake Parmerud - Cultures Electroniques 18
Parts of Speech [the new consonants]
Warren Burt - Machine Messages
A Nasty Rash
Glenn Sogge - The Rashomon Perplex
A Willful Misinterpretation of Reality
Glenn Sogge - The Rashomon Perplex
Under the Perfect Storm
Mark Hjorthoy - Soundcloud
Cordes Invisibles
Roderik De Man - Cultures Electroniques 18
Track 1, 2
Thanos Chrysakis - Enantio Dromia
Nathalie Aguer - 2060 - Octandre
Interactive CKCU
Mark Hjorthoy
Thanks for playing "Under The Perfect Storm" Ralph, and thanks for supporting challenging music! You're awesome!

1:02 PM, March 6th, 2019