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Acoustic Frontiers

Acoustic Frontiers
Monday February 19th, 2018 with Ralph Hopper
Manuella Blackburn, Vanessa Massera, Gintas K, Political Ritual, Paul Dolden, Jean Piche

Time will tell
Manuella Blackburn - Petites etincelles - IMED
An almost abstract experience
Vanessa Massera - Soundcloud
episode 1
Gintas K - Acousma Light New
episode 2
Gintas K - Acousma Light New
Political Ritual - Political Ritual - DAME Canadian New
Below the Walls of Jericho
Paul Dolden - Cultures Electroniques 5 Canadian
La Mer a L’Aube
Jean Piche - SFU 40 Canadian
Interactive CKCU