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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday January 22nd, 2018 with Ralph Hopper`
Eva Erbenius, Magnus Johansson, Mathias Josefson, Eric Boivin, Barney Spiegl, Raylene Campbell, Nichola Scrutton, Wilfried Jentzsch, Martin Supper

Sounds of Winter
Eva Erbenius - xtra hogtalare - electronrecords
Sent Om Sommaren
Magnus Johansson - xtra hogtalare - electronrecords
At Night It Sounds Like the Rustling of Leaves
Mathias Josefson - xtra hogtalare - electronrecords
The Next Station is a sound project utilizing recorded material from the London Underground. Many works as well as a map of locations used and other information at their web site -
The Next Station is Covent Garden
Cities and Memory - Cities and Memory/The Next Station
A New Wembley
Eric Boivin - Cities and Memory/The Next Station Canadian
London TransitMuzak
Barney Spiegl - Cities and Memory/The Next Station
Idols of the Children
Raylene Campbell - Canadian
Raylene Campbell - Canadian
Breathing Space
Nichola Scrutton - self
Bells Evolution
Wilfried Jentzsch - CD XV - DEGEM
lin t
Martin Supper - CD XV - DEGEM
Interactive CKCU
Thanks for the show!

1:49 PM, January 22nd, 2018
(tubular bells can do no wrong.)

1:49 PM, January 22nd, 2018
Tony Copple
Hi Ralph, using some of this show to teach primary school children in Worcester, South Africa, that there are other genres of music they may not have yest discovered.

1:22 PM, January 23rd, 2018