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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday December 18th, 2017 with Ralph Hopper
Jan Jacob Hofmann, Sibylle Pomorin, Thom Blum, Garth Paine, Gintas K, Audrey Poujoula, Georgios Varoutsos, William Young

New music today from composers in Germany, USA, France, Lithuania and Canada. Treat your ears to new sounds...
Coloured Dots and the Voids in Between
Jan Jacob Hofmann - CD XV - DEGEM
Ramuklang 1 und 2
Sibylle Pomorin - CD XV - DEGEM
Thom Blum - Soundcloud
Things Frankie Heard
Thom Blum - Soundcloud
New Year
Garth Paine - Analog Clouds
norm max
Gintas K - 2014
norm 8
Gintas K - 2014
Black Lodge
Audrey Poujoula - Jouissance Extase
Georgios Varoutsos - Canadian
Fire Inhales and Found Rhythms
William Young - Canadian
Interactive CKCU