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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday November 6th, 2017 with Ralph Hopper
Marc Behrens, Dirk Reith, Christian Carriere, Jon Martin, Plato and the Western Tradition, Lars Brondum , Boa Pettersson

Marc Behrens - CD XV - DEGEM New
Nested Loops V
Dirk Reith - CD XV - DEGEM New
Rolling Logs
Christian Carriere - Field of Containment Canadian New
Black Sea Bombers
Jon Martin - sonus,.ca Canadian
Plato no. 4880 Celestial Highway
Plato and the Western Tradition - Soundcloud New
Siren Trap
Lars Brondum - Chain of Events
Lars Brondum - Chain of Events
Sargast 2
Boa Pettersson - xtra hogtalare
Interactive CKCU