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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday October 2nd, 2017 with Ralph Hopper
Natasha Barrett, Joey Zaurrini, Louise Rossiter, Eduardo R Miranda, Bihe Wen, Enrico Fiocco, Love Mangs, John Oliver

A variety of works today from Bourges and Metamorphoses along with a few recent pieces sent to the program by composers.
Little Animals
Natasha Barrett - Cultures Electroniques 11
Joey Zaurrini - self Canadian New
Dream Machine
Louise Rossiter - self New
Le Jardin de Jerome
Eduardo R Miranda - Soundcloud
Bihe Wen - Metamorphoses 2016
Enrico Fiocco - Metamorphoses 2016
John Oliver - Harangue 2 - earsay Canadian
We, We the Waves
Love Mangs - Cultures Electroniques 11
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