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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday July 10th, 2017 with Ralph Hopper
David Keane - a memorial show, David died June 20 and when I read about that last week I knew I had to air this program to celebrate his music a 1984 article by David Keane, republished by eContact! in 2000, that provides a glimpse of the breadth and depth of his knowledge and commitment to this genre which continued well beyond when this was written
La Aurora Estrellada
David Keane - Aurora - Cambridge Street Records Canadian
Elektonikus Mozaik
David Keane - Aurora - Cambridge Street Records Canadian
La Cascade Enchantee
David Keane - Aurora - Cambridge Street Records Canadian
David Keane - Lyra Canadian
David Keane - CMC Canadian
Lawrence Cherney/David Keane - Tongues of Angels - CMC Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Elorious Cain
It is so tremendous what you are doing today! In this commercialized world there are very few places in the various medias where a tribute to somebody as important as David Keane is probable or possible. Most of the press has no idea what influence he has had to so many composers. Thank you very much for this tribute!

12:36 PM, July 10th, 2017
Sad news.

12:41 PM, July 10th, 2017
Jacques Dimitri (Nice,fr)
Comme je ne peux pas écrire l'anglais très bon j'écris le français. J'ai été très affecté très pour entendre de David Keane passager. Il est si grand que vous faites un spécial sur lui. Merci de Merci de merci!! :(

12:57 PM, July 10th, 2017
Ralph Hopper (host)
Thank you, Merci, to all listening today.

1:03 PM, July 10th, 2017
It has been a very good tribute Mr. Hopper.

1:52 PM, July 10th, 2017
Very thoughtful tribute. Good radio as usual with AF

11:19 AM, July 17th, 2017