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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday March 6th, 2017 with Ralph Hopper
James Dashow, Eric Pessel, Elias Bazinjaneh, Bernard Parmegiani, Dieter Kaufmann, Zoltan Pongracz

Returning to some older CD issues from the annual Bourges EA competition today
Whispers out of time
James Dashow - Cultures Electroniques 6
Shiney teacup versus the big bad naughty
Eric Pessel - Sonicity
Clockwork Rewind
Elias Bazinjaneh - Canadian
Exercisme 3
Bernard Parmegiani - Cultures Electroniques 6
The Sky and the Earth
Dieter Kaufmann - Cultures Electroniques 3
story of a C-sharp major chord
Zoltan Pongracz - Cultures Electroniques 3
Polar and Successive Contrasts
Zoltan Pongracz - Cultures Electroniques 3
Interactive CKCU