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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday February 20th, 2017 with Ralph Hopper
Felix Leuschner, Nikolaus Heyduck, Hiromi Ishi, Abigail Amies/Frank Koustrup, James Andean, Matthew Ariaratnam/Kıvanç Tatar, Jennifer Bachynsky

Starting with 3 more works today from the DEGEM compilation CD, Escape, followed by mostly quite recent works from the web site
Felix Leuschner - Escape - DEGEM
Sine Wave Peaks
Nikolaus Heyduck - Escape - DEGEM
Hiromi Ishi - Escape - DEGEM
Abigail Amies/Frank Koustrup - Canadian
Medusan Torso
James Andean -
Oblique Strategies
Matthew Ariaratnam/Kıvanç Tatar - Canadian
Jennifer Bachynsky - Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Ben and Jon
Listening live inside the Pizza Pizza at Bank/Holmwood!

12:53 PM, February 20th, 2017
Ralph Hopper (host)
Hope this goes nicely with your pizza :)

1:24 PM, February 20th, 2017