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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday August 29th, 2016 with Ralph Hopper
Paul Wilson, Guillaume Barrette , Peter Wiessenthaner, Ragnar Grippe, Liz Helman, Wilfried Jentzsch, Felix Lachance

Paul Wilson - EA music from Queen’s
Guillaume Barrette - Cache 2009 Canadian
For this next work created by Hitmachine, I suggest you go to Peter Wiessenthaner's facebook page to view his video about the software and how he uses it to create...
Hitmachine 15 July 2016
Peter Wiessenthaner - self
Spider’s Web
Ragnar Grippe - self
The Truth Inside
Liz Helman - The Truth Inside - Kohlenstoff Canadian
Entre Ciel et Terre
Wilfried Jentzsch - self
Manege I
Felix Lachance - Cache 2009 Canadian
Interactive CKCU