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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday June 6th, 2016 with Ralph Hopper
Paul Ramage, Louis Felipe Alves de Oliveira, Alexandra Gardner, Matthieu Pernaud, Paul Oehlers, Ida Toninato

We hear three works from Metamorphoses 2014 today, two of which are winning works in the 'student' category. In addition to lots of other great sounds we will also hear a work for bari sax and processing.
Paul Ramage - Metamorphoses 2014
The relentless hole
Louis Felipe Alves de Oliveira - Metamorphoses 2014
Alexandra Gardner - Luminoso - INNOVA
Fragile Butterfly
Irene Pacini - Metamorphoses 2014
La machine de Prosper
Matthieu Pernaud - Soundcloud
Matthieu Pernaud - Soundcloud
Pleines - Soundcloud
Ida Toninato - Strangeness Is Gratitude - Kohlenstoff Canadian
Paul Oehlers - Electronic Masters vol 1 - Ablaze
Interactive CKCU
dude we can hear you nose breathing over the track! LOL

12:55 PM, June 6th, 2016
Ralph Hopper (host)
sorry 'bout that but my mic isn't on. :(

1:02 PM, June 6th, 2016