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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday April 4th, 2016 with Ralph Hopper
Shuai Yao, John Nichols III, Michael Obst, Bjarni Gunnarsson, Denis Lorrain

Two more works from the Ablaze CD featuring electronic music today along with a couple of older works - one from Denis Lorrain, the other from Michael Obst.
White Light
Shuai Yao - Electronic Masters vol 4 - Ablaze
South Gate
John Nichols III - Electronic Masters vol 4 - Ablaze
Michael Obst - Cultures Electroniques 18
Les portes du Sombre dis
Denis Lorrain - Canadian Music Centre Canadian
Grey Seeds
Bjarni Gunnarsson - Soundcloud
Interactive CKCU
First time listen, very cool stuff. My knowledge of electroacoustic begins and ends with John Cage so this is great.

1:15 PM, April 4th, 2016
Ralph Hopper (host)
Hi Dave, thanks for tuning in.

1:21 PM, April 4th, 2016