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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday February 1st, 2016 with Ralph Hopper
Peter Eisold, Kai Niggemann, Elizabeth Anderson, Denis Smalley, Francoise Barriere, Dieter Kaufmann

In addition to new music from the German EA society today we'll air a couple of works not aired for a few years. Lots of great sounds to start February.
Borderline Syndrome
Peter Eisold - Grenzen - DEGEM
Electric Canopy
Kai Niggemann - Grenzen - DEGEM
Elizabeth Anderson - L’envol - IMED
Piano Nets
Denis Smalley - Impacts-interiors - IMED
A Season of Sunshine and Tranquility 2
Francoise Barriere - Francoise Barriere
The Journey to Paradise
Dieter Kaufmann - Cultures Electroniques Bourges 1988
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