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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday September 14th, 2015 with Ralph Hopper
Ake Parmerud, Bernat Vivancos, Stijn Govaere, Andrew Hill, Robert Normandeau, Richard Barrett

The first two works today complete our listening of the Metamorphoses 2000 CD. After those we'll hear a few works from Soundcloud as well as one that's a Puzzle.
Les Flutes en feu
Ake Parmerud - Metamorphoses 2000
Bernat Vivancos - Metamorphoses 2000
Stijn Govaere - Soundcloud
Abstracted Journeys
Andrew Hill - Soundcloud
Stille Lyd: Part II – Høvringen
Andrew Hill - Soundcloud
Robert Normandeau - Puzzles - IMED Canadian
Richard Barrett & Kees Tazelaar - Soundcloud
Interactive CKCU