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Acoustic Frontiers

Acoustic Frontiers
Monday July 13th, 2015 with Ralph Hopper
Yves Beaupre, Natasha Barrett, Barry Truax, Elizabeth Hoffman, Elizabeth Anderson, John Celona, Joo Won Park

Returning to a couple of cd's today that we have been working our way through to hear 'new' music as well as a wonderful electronic work from 1985.
Prelude demesure
Yves Beaupre - The Maker’s Humour - IMED Canadian
La beausejour
Yves Beaupre - The Maker’s Humour - IMED Canadian
Industrial Revelations
Natasha Barrett - Isostasie - IMED
From the Unseen World
Barry Truax - The Elements and Beyond - Cambridge St Canadian
Elizabeth Hoffman - Interieurs harmoniques - IMED
and Beyond
Elizabeth Anderson - The Flight - IMED
Possible Orchestras
John Celona - Concordia Archival Project Canadian
Joo Won Park - self
Interactive CKCU