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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday June 1st, 2015 with Ralph Hopper
Thomas Gerwin, Antonio D'Amato, Antony Maubert, Ambrose Seddon, Ake Parmerud

Shimmering, pulsing, ethereal and fascinating sounds for your ears today. Where else can you hear such unusual music?
Geometry of Sound – Rollenspiel
Thomas Gerwin - Special Edition
Geometry of Sound – Punktum
Thomas Gerwin - Special Edition
Antonio D'Amato - self
L’Homme Qui N’Avait Pas Repondu
Antony Maubert - self
The Nowness of Everything
Ambrose Seddon - self
Ake Parmerud - file
Style de bougalou
Michael Smith - Electro Clips - IMED Canadian
Interactive CKCU