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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday March 23rd, 2015 with Ralph Hopper
Julian Elvira, Gilles Fresnais, Richard Power, Xelo Giner, Barry Truax, Risto Holopainen, Steven Naylor, Greg Dixon

New Skin
Julian Elvira/Alexandra Gardner - Flute and electronics - Phonos
Gilles Fresnais - self Canadian
Richard Power - self
Xelo Giner - Works for Saxophone and electronics - Phonos
Earth and Steel
Barry Truax - The Elements and Beyond - Cambridge St Canadian
Symmetric Transport
Risto Holopainen - Signals and Systems
Automatopoiea: Study 1
Steven Naylor - Imaginary Places - IMED Canadian
You Station
Greg Dixon - Cedar Forest - Kohlenstoff Canadian