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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday December 1st, 2014 with Ralph Hopper
Barry Truax, Elizabeth Anderson, Cybernetic Orchestra, Philippe Clerin, Jose Manuel Berenguer, Andres Lewin Richter

The Cybernetic Orchestra from McMaster returns with a new live laptop orchestra piece today plus a new CD from Barry Truax and lots more to start the month with great sounds for your ears.
Chalice Well
Barry Truax - The Elements and Beyond - Cambridge Street Canadian
Les forges de l’invisible
Elizabeth Anderson - L’envol - IMED
14 Nov 2014 Improv #1
Cybernetic Orchestra - Soundcloud Canadian
Solar Winds
Philippe Clerin - Soundcloud
Philippe Clerin - Soundcloud
On Nothing
Jose Manuel Berenguer - On Nothing - Ars Harmonica
Estudio II
Andres Lewin Richter - Foro de comunicaciones Electroacusticas vol 3
La Musica que habia
Arturo Moya - oro de comunicaciones Electroacusticas vol 3