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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday August 18th, 2014 with Ralph Hopper
Denise Ritter, Robert Henke, Andy Dollerson, Christian Banasik, Alain Thibault, Ambrose Seddon, Jean Piche

Today's program begins with a couple of works from a new CD issued by the German EA association and then includes a mix of new and older pieces. One special work by Jean Piche will be a real treat to hear.
Outer Shell
Denise Ritter - Wandlungen unplump - DEGEM
Nebenlaufiger Process
Robert Henke - Wandlungen unplump - DEGEM
Of Knights and Horses
Jean Piche - archive Canadian
Shedding Blue Tassels
Andy Dollerson - Soundcloud
Letzte Gebarde offener Munder
Christian Banasik - self
Le Soleil et l’acier
Alain Thibault - VOLT Canadian
Ambrose Seddon - self