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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday June 30th, 2014 with Ralph Hopper
Nicolas Bernier, Claude Schryer, Michael North, Alison Chung-Yan, Michael Plante, Marco Dibeltulu, Johannes Sistermanns, Robert Normandeau

Today's program is sort of a Canada Day program since it has become a bit of a tradition for me to play works by composers who either are in Ottawa or were in Ottawa at some point. I will begin the program with a few such works and then we'll hear some new material sent to the program recently.
sans quoi les impermeables jaunes existeront
Nicolas Bernier - Metamorphoses 2004 Canadian
Vancouver Soundscape Revisited: Fire
Claude Schryer - Presence 1 Canadian
Manotick Wind
Michael North - Ottawa Processed Canadian
Carp Leaves
Michael North - Ottawa Processed Canadian
Alison Chung-Yan - self Canadian
Michael Plante - Canadian
Il Nastro di Mobius
Marco Dibeltulu - self
Johannes Sistermanns - self
Robert Normandeau - Clair de Terre - IMED Canadian