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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday April 21st, 2014 with Ralph Hopper
Guillaume Côté, Elise Milani, Anthony Maubert, Marco Dibeltulu, Robin Parmar, Peter Grenader

The program begins again with one of the winning works from the 2013 JTTP competition and will also include music from Soundcloud pages as well as works sent to us directly by the composer. A great mix of processed sounds for your ears on this Easter Monday.
Peter Grenader - Electrolux
Il n’y a que blanc
Guillaume Côté - JTTP 2013 - CEC Canadian
Moving Disposition
Elise Milani - Soundcloud Canadian
Idéologie du pragatisme et du réel
Anthony Maubert - self
Sguardo Contemporaneo
Marco Dibeltulu - Sguardo Contemporaneo
C’era una Volta
Marco Dibeltulu - self
Strange Attractor
Robin Parmar - Soundcloud