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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday March 3rd, 2014 with Ralph Hopper
Ludger Kisters, Bihe Wen, Federico Schumacher Ratti, Barry Schrader, Dominic Thibault

Amazing sounds to start off the month of March. A relatively new work by Dominic Thibault that is amazing will end the show but we'll also hear a remarkable electronic piece by Barry Shrader today as well so lots of great music for your ears today.
Der Garten
Ludger Kisters - Replace - DEGEM
Vague Image
Bihe Wen - Metamorphoses 2012
Las Particulas elementales
Federico Schumacher Ratti - Metamorphoses 2012
Lost Atlantis
Barry Schrader - Lost Atlantis - INNOVA
Igaluk - To Scare the Moon with its own Shadow
Dominic Thibault - Soundcloud Canadian