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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday January 27th, 2014 with Ralph Hopper
New music for the new year - Steven Naylor, Huw McGregor, Kevin Austin, Jon Nelson, Dominic Thibault, Bentley Jarvis

The last January 'new music for the new year' program today. Lots of great music you have not heard on Acoustic Frontiers before.
Bitter Orchids
Steven Naylor - Imaginary Places - IMED Canadian
Without Words
Paul Wilson - Soundcloud
Llan Pass
Huw McGregor - self
Waves and Tides of Time
Kevin Austin - sonus Canadian
Just After the Rain
Jon Nelson - Soundcloud
De velours et d’acier
Dominic Thibault - sonus Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Hey Ralph, Being able to listen live to your show is spotty for me. But just wanted to say out loud I enjoy it a lot. Electronic/synthesized media is not usually one of my main genres of choice (though Dave Dalle does characterize me as a "musical omnivore"). There is always something new to get my head around. Thanks for that! Oh, that marimba piece was really cool!

1:07 PM, January 27th, 2014
Ralph Hopper (host)
Thanks for the comment, Peter. Always happy to hear from listeners.

1:32 PM, January 27th, 2014
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