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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday November 4th, 2013 with Ralph Hopper
Panayiotis Kokoras, Jonas Foerster, Dante Cucurullo, Ragnar Grippe

Around the world today for our second Funding Drive program. Music from Latin America, China, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Australia.
Bounce Eye
Thomas Cahill-Jones - Cache 2003 - CEC
Panayiotis Kokoras - Cache 2003 - CEC
Echoes of Urban Life
Jonas Foerster - Cache 2009 - CEC
Satisfaction of Oscillation
Dajuin Yao -
Let go, go on
Cindy John - Machine Messages - ACMA
Persephone’s Transition
Linda Ceff - Machine Messages - ACMA
El Encantador de Aguas
Dante Cucurullo -
Ragnar Grippe - Soundcloud