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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday October 7th, 2013 with Ralph Hopper
Manuella Blackburn, Elizabeth Hoffman, Juan Blanco and 3 submissions to the JTTP 2013 competition

We begin today with works from 2 recent CDs, then hear a computer music work by a Cuban composer and finish the program with 3 works that were submissions to the JTTP 2013 EA competition.
Karita Oto
Manuella Blackburn - Audible Forms - IMED
Elizabeth Hoffman - Harmonic Design - IMED
Juan Blanco -
Guillaume Campion - JTTP 2013 - CEC Canadian
The Final Engine
Mariana Czapski - JTTP 2013 - CEC Canadian
Simone D’Ambrosio - JTTP 2013 - CEC Canadian