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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday September 16th, 2013 with Ralph Hopper
Three works from Bourges 1996 today plus Wende Bartley and more

Three works today from the Bourges 1996 EA competition as well as two pieces by Wende Bartley from the Canadian Music Centre audio archive.
Francesco Boschetto - Cultures Electroniques 9/96
Interiors and Interplays
Erik Mikael Karlsson - Cultures Electroniques 9/96
Ian Stewart - sonus Canadian
Figuras Flamancas
Mario Verandi - Cultures Electroniques 9/96
Would i what
Nicole Marchesseau - sonus Canadian
Priestess aria
Wende Bartley - CMC Canadian
Wende Bartley - CMC Canadian
Four Memories, for String Quartet and Live Electronics
Paul Wilson - soundcloud