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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday July 15th, 2013 with Ralph Hopper
Today; Manuella Blackburn, Bron Halpin, Elizabeth Hoffman, Robert Normandeau and more.

Some new sounds, some older sounds today. A mix of new music from new CDs and older favourites. Lots of different sounds for a summer afternoon.
for Kerberos
Kazuya Ishigami - Orpheus 400 - Cybele
Still Life with Orphean Shepherd
Harald Muenz - Orpheus 400 - Cybele
Countdown for Orpheus
Thomas Kessler - Orpheus 400 - Cybele
Kontinuum mit Melodie
Johannes Kreidler - Orpheus 400 - Cybele
Depth Perception
Marco Liy - soundcloud Canadian
Switched On
Manuella Blackburn - Formes audibles - IMED
Bron Halpin - Bronsense Canadian
Drumming Sphere
Bron Halpin - Bronsense Canadian
Bron Halpin - Bronsense Canadian
Water Spirits
Elizabeth Hoffman - Harmonic Design - IMED
Robert Normandeau - Unheard of Places - IMED Canadian