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Acoustic Frontiers
Monday January 28th, 2013 with Ralph Hopper
New Music for the New Year

Jan Jacob Hofmann - Replace - DEGEM
Frank Niehusmann - Replace - DEGEM
Virtual Caissac 11
Michael Harneberg - Replace - DEGEM
In the Natural Doorway I Crouch
Paul Dolden - Seuil de Silences - IMED Canadian
Migration petree
Hans Tutschku - Migration
Michael Plante - - CEC Canadian
Mont des borgnes [One Eyed Men's Mountain]
Cominique Bassal - Ubiquite - IMED Canadian
Vol d'Arondes [Flight of Swallows]
Francis Dhomont - Jalons - IMED Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Phelonius Friar
Hi Ralph, hopefully you see this soon, I didn't see an email address listed on your show's page... I just wanted to draw your, and maybe your listeners', attention to a free course being offered on Coursera that very much examines the field of and the production of electroacoustic sound and computer-based sound creation. It's being taught by Steve Everett of Emory University on the Coursera platform (open to everyone and without charge to anyone). The web site is here if you want to take a look at it:

9:35 PM, January 30th, 2013
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