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Deep Blue After Hours
Saturday April 13th, 2019 with VH3
Some deep grooves for the afterhours

Swimming Upstream
Locked Groove - Sunset Service - Hotflush Recordings New
Will Clarke & Eli Brown - Our Love - Truesoul New
No No
Martin Ikin - No No EP - Repopulate Mars
Reblok - Faded - Material New
In The Jungle
Babalou - In The Jungle EP - Sola
The Bible Said (Zakari&Blange Remix)
Alan Banjo - The Bible Said - Orange Recordings
Run Riot
Rudosa - No Man's Land EP - Suara New
Night Plane
Michel Lauriola - Dia Cero III - Suara New
Andrew Meller - Strike - Funk N' Deep
Never Give Up
Mr. Bizz - Never Give Up - Bitten
Steve Mulder - Mastodon / Access - Transmit Recordings
Call Up
Many Reasons - Call Up EP - Break New Soil Recordings
Chez Dre
Pig&Dan - Mexico EP - Drumcode
Jayforce - Surreal - Bitten Canadian
The Alley of Lars
Weska - Despierta - Octopus Canadian
U Said U
Alan Fitzpatrick - U Said U - Drumcode
Inside My Head
Audiojack - Inside My Head - Crosstown Rebels New
Drums In The Deep
Cirez D - Thunderstruck - Mouseville
Santa Monica (AFM Groove Remix)
Sinisa & Martin Rivest - Santa Monica - MJOY
Darko Milosevic & Nick Devon - Back To Black 003 - Steyoyoke Black New
Zero Love
Nick Curly - Zero Love - 8Bit New
Plastic Dreams (Dino Lenny & Amnesia Remix)
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (2011 Remixes) - Spinnin'
After It All
Jon Gurd - After It All - Last Night On Earth New
Soul Button - Ojas - Inner Symphony
From Beyond
Locked Groove - Sunset Service - Hotflush Recordings New
Dezza - Cosmos - Colorize Canadian New
Get Me High
Franky Wah - Get Me High - Ministry of Sound Recordings New
Budakid feat. Zweers - A Molton Arrow / Estersveld / Boro - Lost & Found New
George Bloom - Phoebe / Ruminate / Geniune - Lost & Found New
Chance Encounters
Death on the Balcony - Shift The Perspective EP - All Day I Dream
Jewel (Ceas Remix)
Clawz SG - Jewel - Inner Symphony
New Ritual (Zone+ Remix)
Lessovsky - New Ritual EP - Plaisirs Sonores New
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