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Deep Blue After Hours
Saturday June 9th, 2018 with Kid Eye
Minimal Techno

Northern Lights
Cobblestone Jazz - Northern Lights EP - Itiswhatitis Recordings Canadian
Cryptik - Radiance EP - Figure
The Fog
HedustMA - Forms 01 - Spiral Trax
The Game Is Over (Prosdo Remix)
Brandon Hadden - The Game Is Over EP - Flat Belly Recordings
Hard Drive (Original Mix)
Montero - Three Track EP - Flat Belly Recordings
Abati - VA -Beat On Repeat, Vol. 2 - High Pro-File Recordings
Void (Original Mix)
Rob Velj - New Boyz EP - Flat Belly Recordings
Broombeck - Deliverance EP - Terminal M
Can't Get Enough (Chris Count Goose Club Remix)
B. Vivant - VA - We Love Amersterdam - Recovery House
Ready2Go (Original Mix)
Danny Daze - Dual - Ultramajic
Jbw25 (Answer Code Request Revision)
Steffi - JBW25 - Ostgut Ton
Ardent (Original Mix)
Kangding Ray - Ardent/Swallows - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Quadra Sette (Original Mix)
Donato Dozzy - Squadra Quadra EP - The Bunker New York
Ruins Of Dignity (Original Mix)
Leiras - Ruins Of Dignity EP - Ownlife
Frozen Room (Original Mix)
Charles Fenckler - Frozen Room EP - Soma Records
Lockers (Original Mix)
Robert Hood - Paradygm Shift Vol 1 - Dekmantel
Endless Games (Patrice B umel Mix)
Blond - VA - Kompakt: Total 16 - Kompakt
Leviathan (Sonic Union Remix)
Clawz SG - VA - Kick Bass Detroit, Vol. 3 - Selection of Techno - High Pro-File Recordings
Cognitive Dissonance (Original Mix)
Doubtingthomas - Capharnaum - Metroline Ltd
In The (Last) Moment feat. Georgia Lewis (Robag's Ponk Pramen NB Remix)
Audiofly - In The (Last) Moment EP - Crosstown Rebels
Arc Unknown (Original Mix)
Rrose - Arc Unknown Ep - Infrastructure New York
Angelo Diaz Jr. - VA - Selection of Deep House - High Pro-File Recordings
Esoteric Breakfast Buffet
Legowelt - Laundromat Of Your Mind - Bakk
Kepler186F (DJ Hell Mix)
Terranova - VA - Kompakt: Total 16 - Kompakt
Recovery (Dubspeeka Remix)
RNBWS - Recovery EP - Skeleton
Moe matou (Not Usual Remix)
MIOMIO - VA - Drum Signal 7 - City Noises
Space Noir
Clarian - VA - Kompakt: Total 16 - Kompakt
Alone (Original Mix)
Cristoph - Alone single - Knee Deep in Sound
2 Miles Away (Original Mix)
Rodriguez Jr. - Chain Reaction - Mobilee Records
Murphy's Law (Original Mix)
Recondite - VA - Realm of Consciousness - Afterlife Records
Meantime (Part 2)
Kiko, Citizen Kain - Meantime EP - Noir Music
Meantime (Part 1)
Kiko, Citizen Kain - Meantime EP - Noir Music
Anders - VA - Kick Bass Detroit, Vol. 3 - Selection of Techno - High Pro-File Recordings
Footprints (feat. C.A.R.) (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
RuedeHagelstein - Footprints EP - Watergate Records
Running (Âme Remix)
Moderat - Running single - Monkeytown Records
The Beauty Of Silence (Mononoid remix)
Daraspa - The Beauty Of Silence EP - Sound Avenue
Stardust (East Cafe Remix)
East Cafe, Jose Tabarez - Stardust EP - Balkan Connection
Dogma 1 (Original Mix)
Michael Mayer, Kolsch - Dogma EP - IPSO
Speaker Freaker (Original Mix)
Vince Watson - Speaker Freaker single - Cocoon Recordings
Counting Comets (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
Marc Romboy - Counting Comets EP - Bedrock Records
The Feelings
Vitaly Shturm - The Feelings EP - Clinique Recordings
Wanted (Feat. Wantedkash)
Ben Blash - VA - Kick Bass Detroit, Vol. 3 - Selection of Techno - High Pro-File Recordings
Bad Company (Skoork Remix
Brad Rock - Bad Company EP - Shibiza Recordings
Grain Blanc (Original Mix)
Nicolas Masseyeff - Fug224 EP - Systematic Recordings
Gravity (Original Mix)
Mind Against - VA - Realm of Consciousness - Afterlife Records
So Good (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
German Brigante - VA - Best of Get Physical Music - Get Physical Music
Walk feat. Markus Nyberg (Andre Crom Remix)
Nandu - Walk single - Off Recordings
Signal (Verve remix)
Andre Sobota - VA - Visceral 034 - Visceral Records
Square Juno (Elek-Fun Remix
Geshe Ewing - Square Juno EP - Leading Astray Records
Frequencies (Original Mix)
Josh Brown - Systematics EP - This Ain't Bristol
The Lattice (Frank Wiedemann Remix)
Petar Dundov - The Lattice EP - Music Man Records
Collapse (Gorge Remix)
Eating Cannibals, Forrest - Collapse EP - Suruba
Interactive CKCU
Johnny b
Oh yeah kid eye is the master blaster..... thanks for the exc tunes to get through my night or day Thanks VH3 and John D. Too

7:59 PM, August 18th, 2020