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Tuesday February 16th, 2016 with DJ DesTrois / e.V. Queen of Doom
SnowDay Fill-in

indie tracks old and new
The Milk Witch
Warm Wave - PyongYang Suntan - S/R Canadian
We Share A Pay Cheque
Rooms - It Takes A Lot To Show Up - Pretzel Canadian New
Les Confettis
Marianne Dissard - Cibola Gold (Best of 2008-2015) - S/R New
La Part Du Diable
Bernard Adamus - Sorel Soviet So What - Grosse BoƮte Canadian New
John Carroll - Live At The Acoustic Grill - Acoustic Jam Canadian New
We Should Just Fall Apart
Shuyler Jansen - The Long Shadow - Big White Cloud Canadian New
Laughter That I Miss
Stepchild - Stages EP - Little Whore Canadian New
Zoot Suit
Ruby Karinto - EP - S/R Canadian New
Real Time
Trainwreck - Big Smoke Saloon - S/R Canadian
Damn Little Devil You
Hannu Lepisto - Single - Victorian Underground Music New
Lord Of Reason
A Primitive Evolution - The Prize - S/R Canadian
On Eggshells
Hannu Lepisto - Single - Victorian Underground Music New
Interactive CKCU
Thanks for playing my new single!

8:20 AM, February 20th, 2016
you can get it via bandcamp =>>

8:21 AM, February 20th, 2016