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Tuesday March 10th, 2015 with Emma
Just a full-hour Mixtape!

A full hour of music for you! Enjoy!
Thrifty Kids. - Thrifty Kids. Canadian New
Where Did All The Light Go Now?
Wand - Mt. St. Helens Canadian
High Ends - Super Class Canadian
The Zolas - Ancient Mars Canadian
Life Tourist
Foriegn National - Single
Naked in the Eyes of My Love
Teen Mom - Single
Bottom of the Lake
We Are The City - Violent Canadian
Heavy Metal Thunder
Young Tongue - Single
The Simplest Thing
Hey Rosetta! - Plan Your Escape Canadian
The Best Today
Keaton Henson - Birthdays
Bad Words
Julie Arsenault - The Creature that I Call Myself Canadian
JOAL KAMPS - Heads is East, Tails is West Canadian
Absolutely Nothing
The Beaches - EP Canadian
Be My Witness
Bahamas - Barchords Canadian