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Tuesday January 6th, 2015 with Emma
Welcome to 2015

Some gems I have stumbled upon on my winter break. Hope you enjoy them and settle nicely into the new year. (all independent musicians, if you enjoy a track, purchase it!!~)
Return to Normalcy
Pocket Writer - Dented Little Scars Canadian New
Ottawa-based indie-alternative:
One Thousand Natural Shocks
Moon - Moon Canadian New
People as Flowers
Elementals - EP Canadian
Ottawa-based indie-alternative:
Suicide Machine
balacade - Julie EP Canadian
Indie-acoustic-mellowness from Vancouver, BC:
Nothing But Blue
Jarhead - Nothing But Blue Canadian
Montreal-based acoustic:
Easy, Mr. Bones - Angels New
California-based lo-fi acoustic:
Sweetheart I've Noticed(single)
Jackson Honeycutt - Sweetheart I've Noticed(single) New
Nostolgia-pop from North Carolina:
The Halfs - Catalyze
Personal fav:
Getting Used to You
Fox - I Don't Need You Tonight Canadian New
Lo-fi-garage from Toronto:
Take Me There
August & Thom - August & Thom Canadian
Acoustic-folk from Abbotsford, British Columbia:
You're Living a Lie
Travelling Headcase - Revolutionary Ballads Canadian
Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter
balacade - Julie EP Canadian
Indie-acoustic-mellowness from Vancouver, BC:
Part 1 - Earthrise
Musk Ox - Woodfall Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Please, play more "Pocket Writer". The lyrics are great! Thanks!

6:52 PM, January 19th, 2015
This "Pocket Writer" is amazing. The lyrics are worth a million bucks! Play it more often!

6:55 PM, January 19th, 2015
Hey, Emma! Thanks a bunch for choosing POCKET WRITER'S 'Return To Normalcy'! I love both the music and lyrics, but especially the lyrics. They are like those written by a nowadays philosopher/poet. I love it, love it a lot!!! And I love you too for having such a supreme taste of music!

7:13 PM, January 19th, 2015
Pocket Writer is a good one! Let's have more of that! Thanks Emma

3:30 PM, February 7th, 2015
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