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Soy Latinoamerica
Monday May 12th, 2014 with Alejandro Hernandez
Interview with Zac Johnstone, Day of Pink and Fundraising Coordinator at Jer's Vision

Jer's Vision is: A leader in anti-bullying and anti-discrimination programming. Recognized throughout the continent (and some parts of the world) for our work with youth groups and organizations. We are a youth led organization that is making a real difference in the communities we work in. Our organization looks at diversity inclusively, this means we look at all forms of discrimination (homophobia, sexism, racism...) in parallel, and through their intersections (ex. how sexism and racism affects a woman of color). We are also unique because our programming reaches out not just to the marginalized/minority populations, but also to the general population (ex. educating straight people on homophobia), thereby engaging them in taking a proactive role in preventing discrimination by promoting diversity themselves. Today Jer’s Vision runs programming all over Canada and the United States, with the talents of our volunteers we are able to run programming for over 250,000 people annually. We are also a proud leader in the International Day of Pink (, engaging millions of people in wearing pink and to run programs that stand up to bullying. We encourage you to find out more about Jer's Vision & the International Day of Pink, and get involved in making your community a safer and more diverse place. Photo: Zac Johnstone by Metro/Joe Lofaro
Desde adentro
Alicia Borisonik and the Argentinian Project (Argentina/Canada) - Busco un lugar Canadian New
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Alicia Borisonik and the Argentinian Project (Argentina/Canada) - Busco un lugar Canadian New
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Comunidad Shuar (Ecuador) - Musica del Ecuador - Background
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Fito Garcia (Guatemala/Canada) - . - Background Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Alejandro Hernandez (host)
Bienvenid@s; winkápew, nitáp; welcome.

12:28 PM, May 12th, 2014
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