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Velvet Studio
Tuesday December 3rd, 2013 with David Sarazin
Local Spectacular!

Diesek Fuel & Kerosene
Fiftymen - Fiftymen Canadian New
Lost In The Canyon
The John Henrys - Sweet As The Grain Canadian
Red River Valley
Greenfield Main - Barnburners & Heartchurners Canadian
Almost Living In Los Angeles
Black Boot Trio - A Ponyride Canadian
If You Love Her Buy Her A Gun
Furnaceface - It's Clobbering Time Canadian
That Girl
The Riptides - Hang Out Canadian
Yeah Yeah Yeah
White Wires - WW1 Canadian
Bury The Bodies
The Creeps - Lakeside Cabin Canadian
The Great Big Brainwave
The Stand GT - They're Magically Delicious Canadian
Punchbuggy - Grand Opening Going Out Of Business Sale Canadian
Resin Scraper - Riding The Short Bus Canadian
Resin Scraper - Riding The Short Bus Canadian
Ukrainia - Ukrainia Canadian