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Femme Fatale
Monday September 1st, 2014 with Lilith
Queer Canadian Musician Megan Lane!

Lilith is back and back with a Bang!! I've got fantastic Canadian Blues, and Indie-pop Queer musician Megan Lane over the phone to talk about her experiences as an out and proud Queer artist in Canada. Did I mention that her new album Sounding the Animal was produced by Hawksley Workman and the song Someday We Will Leave this Town was co-written with legendary artist Rae Spoon! Tune in for this exciting interview! Join the conversation on the playlist page or @LilithCKCU
Someday We Will Leave This Town
Megan Lane - Sounding The Animal Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Better late then never. Here I am looking forward to the new season of my fav radio program.... You go Lilith!! big love

11:02 AM, September 11th, 2014
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