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Femme Fatale
Monday July 7th, 2014 with Jim
Kayla of @feministtwins on "Causeplay", Pink Triangle Services, and the Slut Walk

Today, Jim talked with Kayla of @feministtwins about the upcoming fundraiser for Pink Triangle Services and this year's Slut Walk. The event is called "Causeplay", and is a cosplay/costume play event which will be held at Zaphod's on August 1st. Twitter: @feministtwins Tumblr: And the Causeplay Facebook page:
Black Me Out
Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues
Interactive CKCU
following you on twitter, and promoting your live interview on twitter and facebook! looking forward to learning more.

12:13 PM, July 7th, 2014
Also, here's the link to the facebook group: Tickets go on sale this week!

12:28 PM, July 7th, 2014
Kayla (feministtwins)
Thanks so much for having me on the show!

12:31 AM, July 8th, 2014
@feministtwins ftw!

11:27 PM, July 8th, 2014
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