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Indie City Madness
Monday February 19th, 2024 with Julie Cormier
Ep. 518: Animal chic at the Swamp Party

Happy Family Day! This week, Julie shares many new local releases, including Kristine St-Pierre, Noise Hotel, SOURPUSSY, GOOD2GO, Lessons in Crime, and more.
Talking To (My Younger Self)
SOURPUSSY - Single Canadian New
My Last Girl
Noise Hotel - Single Canadian New
If I Were A Love Song
Kristine St-Pierre - Single Canadian New
Do It All
GOOD2GO - If You Want It Canadian New
Swamp Party
Smelloship - Smelloship 1 Canadian New
Why Do I Hold On To The Past?
Lessons in Crime - Single Canadian New
Animal chic
Mehdi Cayenne - Animal chic Canadian
Next to You
Charlotte Cardin - 99 Nights Canadian
lazarus of cryville
dart trees - consider two beers Canadian
Somebody's Gotta Go
86 It - Horse Canadian
Morg​û​l Blade
Barrow Wight - Single Canadian
To Depths Unknown
Hatred Reigns - Awaken the Ancients Canadian
The Line
Épuisés - Épuisés Canadian New
On Air
Nick Schofield - Ambient Ensemble Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Good stuff!

1:37 PM, February 20th, 2024