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Indie City Madness
Monday January 22nd, 2024 with Julie Cormier
Ep. 514: Snow Globe

New releases by Robby Miller, Kentucky and Seatkickr, as well as music by Claude Munson, Mia Kelly, Sorry Snowman, Valvehead and lots more.
Claude Munson - Boxing Day Weekend Canadian
Doubt is My Best Friend
Chantal Celine - sad, but not really Canadian
Margaret, My Love
Mia Kelly - Garden Through the War Canadian
Snow Globe
Kentucky - Single Canadian New
Everything is Nothing
Robby Miller - Single Canadian New
Go into the room
Seatkickr - Bbq questionnaire Canadian New
La sécurité - Stay safe! Canadian
House on Fire
Sorry Snowman - Single Canadian New
You Have Got To Be Kidding Me
fanclubwallet - You Have Got To Be Kidding Me Canadian
Backseat Dragon - Single Canadian
Wish You Were Home
Teenage Fiction - Candy Flip // Wish You Were Home Canadian
Salem Trials - Single Canadian
Pop Surreal
Valvehead - Single Canadian New
Blunt l'Inspecteur
FET.NAT - Poule Mange Poule Canadian
Interactive CKCU