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Indie City Madness
Monday April 11th, 2022 with Rick Vaughan
Ep. 426: Won’t Give Up

This week on Indie City Madness, we play new music by Cheko7even, Hopiho, Anndy Negative, Chris Page, Slow Dawn and lots more. Check it out and leave us a comment!
Cheko7even - Single Canadian New
Nemesis feat. Karim
Hopiho - Single Canadian New
I'm Not Here
Paragon Cause - Autopilot Canadian
The State Of The Nation
Expanda Fuzz - Single Canadian
(tired of) always getting older
Frown Line - Single Canadian
Melancholy (Sailor)
Alex Diab - Single Canadian New
Lost In Paradise
Sunday Riot Club - Single Canadian New
I Won’t Give Up
Anndy Negative - Single Canadian New
Sans Raison
Asile - Les Enfants Bâtards D'un Pays Maudit Canadian
Scattered Clouds - TAKE AWAY YOUR SUMMER Canadian
Magie rose
Gab Paquet - La Force d'Éros Canadian
The Julie Rationale
Chris Page - Those Aren't Stars Above Your Head Canadian New
Boys in Red
Ironside - Demo EP Canadian New
See Through
Slow Dawn - Into The Machine Haus Canadian New
we all get levelled
Ditch Guy - put him in the back of the van Canadian New
Kaite Ditschun - Spare Skirt Canadian
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