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Indie City Madness
Monday February 21st, 2022 with Rick Vaughan
Ep. 420: Go Slow

This week on the show, we played new music by a new project by Kimberly Sunstrum called OK Naledi, as well as releases from LeFloFranco, Dry Up, he follows roads, Fumigation and more. Enjoy!
Ticket to a Place
Edison Rupert - Single Canadian
Ash Ravens - Single Canadian New
Chanson pour L'Auvergnat (Georges Brassens) Instrumentale
Etienne Girard - Brassens Canadian New
Hard Time
Graven - Simple Complex Canadian New
Go Slow
OK Naledi - Single Canadian New
Noirceur absolue feat. Tha Incradouble Pack et DJ Skorpyon
LeFloFranco - Single Canadian New
Left Me In The Dirt
Point Reazon - Not Sure You'll Ever Understand Canadian New
ElectraSpize - Day & Night Canadian New
Shana’s Pursuit
Arkaeus - Protagonist's Resolve [2022] Canadian New
Choses Sauvages - Choses Sauvages II Canadian
Ever Wonder
Dry Up - Dry Up Canadian New
uncomfortable --
he follows roads - haiku b Canadian New
Like Moths to a Flame
Fumigation - Structural Extermination Canadian New
Quest Of The Pale Rider
Iron Wraith - The Pale Rider Canadian New
tony soprano but he smokes weed
Dart Trees - music for dudes named ryan Canadian New
Interactive CKCU