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Indie City Madness
Monday October 25th, 2021 with Rick Vaughan
Ep. 405: Monstrous Music

It's raining new music on Indie City Madness this week with releases from Organ Eyes, Desert Island Big Band, Andrew Cassara, Squerl Noir, Violentene, Kamlet and more. Enjoy!
Green From Your Hair
Organ Eyes - Single Canadian New
Barrington Club Band - Single Canadian New
Sunny Disposition Kind of Girl
Stoby - Pacemaker (bilingual single) Canadian New
Playboys & Dishes
Desert Island Big Band - Single Canadian New
Take the Bait
Andrew Cassara - Single Canadian New
Wotts - Single Canadian New
Destined for Greatness
Mindflip - Single Canadian New
Squerl Noir - Single Canadian New
Her Monster
YARNS - Summer - Fall - Canadian
12​-​FOOT SKELETON vs. Vampire Ghoul
Pattyville - 12​-​FOOT SKELETON Canadian New
Les Feux Célestes
Nuée Ardente - Nuée Ardente Canadian
Violentene - Otherworld Canadian New
Efy Hecks - Somnifère Canadian
Can We Work It Out?
Kamlet - Lime Green Tape Canadian New
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