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Indie City Madness
Monday January 25th, 2021 with Rick Vaughan
Ep. 369: New Marie-Clo, Boyhood, Hilotrons and More

This week on Indie City Madness, we stay true to our mission of sharing new music from the Ottawa-Gatineau area with you and play recent releases by Marie-Clo, Boyhood, Hilotrons, April Rick, Karter Zaher and more. Enjoy!
At Ease
Marie-Clo - Single Canadian New
Winter Crush (edit)
Akeem Oh - Single Canadian New
Don’t You Dare
Boyhood - Single Canadian New
Amanda Lowe - Birthmarks & Collarbones Canadian
The Glow
Kimberly Sunstrum - The Slow Sprint Canadian
Unsociably High - Single Canadian New
La politique, concours pseudo​-​érotique
Scattered Clouds - Take Away Your Summer Canadian
Our Island
April Rick - Single Canadian New
Signs feat. Fae
Mischa - Single Canadian
That’s Haram
Karter Zaher - Single Canadian New
Under the Eyes of Argus
Chalice of Wrath - Single Canadian New
Suicide Kingdom
Hilotrons - Single Canadian New
Interactive CKCU