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Indie City Madness
Monday December 21st, 2020 with Rick Vaughan
Ep. 364: Winter Solstice

This week on the show, we played a brand new track from Hilotrons as well as new releases by Birdie Whyte, Bastards and the Buzzards, Chris Angel and more. Enjoy!
Echo Of My Last Joke
Hiltrons - Lonely Cinema Canadian New
The Ocean Break
Friends of Steve - All Over The Map Canadian New
Let it Pour
Bastards and the Buzzards - Untitled Canadian New
Bread & Butter
Birdie Whyte - Here's Where I Find Myself Canadian New
Cold Man
Claude Munson - The Silence Came After Canadian
Chris Angel - How I Love Canadian New
Promenade d'hiver
Kristine St-Pierre & Justin Lacroix - Noël avec toi Canadian
Christmas Must Be Tonight
The Big Train Wreck - Tenvolt For The Holidays Too! Canadian New
Mystery Weekend - Christmassy Weekend Vol. 1 Canadian New
End Of The Day
I Am The Giant - Do You Like Me Yet Canadian New
Double Tap
Camden McKimm - Camden McKimm Canadian New
Lone Wolf Insurgence Under The Wampyric Moon
Wampyric Tyrant - Fangs Of The Black Legion Canadian New
Dead Hearts
Old Escapes - Old Escapes EP Canadian New
Inland Coast
Slope Currents - Rod and Gun Club Canadian New
Interactive CKCU