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Indie City Madness
Monday November 23rd, 2020 with Rick Vaughan
Ep. 361: Jammies On

This week on the show, we air new music from Nick Schofield, Bearings, PIPPA, Paula C, House in the Fall, Trenchfoot and more. Enjoy!
Mirror Image
Nick Schofield - Glass Gallery Canadian New
PIPPA and loser supreme - Single Canadian New
Queens Dream
Paula C - Queens Dream Canadian New
Jammies On
ElectraSpize - October 2020 - Mix Canadian New
The Train
Zoe Towne - Mint & Roses Canadian New
Folie Circulaire
House in the Fall - Ephexis (Op. 5, No. 1–5) Canadian New
Curtis Jones - Keepsake Canadian New
The Sky Hangs Low
Eric Vieweg / The Withering Pines - Into Corners Canadian New
The Hitmakers - MRRBTO Canadian New
Meteorites and Rabbits
Marshall Art - ULTIMATE Canadian New
Last Dance
Ivory Knight - Up From The Ashes Canadian
Hill Park Avenue
Trenchfoot - Objects in the mirror are more damaged than they appear Canadian New
Bearings - Hello, It's You Canadian New
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