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Indie City Madness
Monday June 22nd, 2020 with Rick Vaughan
Ep. 339: Kicking Off Summer 2020 with Fresh Releases from the Capital City

This week on Indie City Madness, we kick off the start of summer with tons of new music from the National Capital Region including fresh tracks from Asuquomo, Marie-Clo, Kathryn Patricia, John Ian, Free Refills and lots more.
My Friends and I
Jeremy Audet - Each Turn Canadian New
We Were Young
Steve St. Pierre - DEMOLAND Canadian New
Catch The Rising Sun
Kathryn Patricia - Catch The Rising Sun Canadian New
Appreciating Moments
Joe Brownrigg - Old Standbys Canadian New
Good Luck, Good Night
John Ian - Good Luck, Good Night Canadian New
Le Deux - Bus Number 2
Jean Cloutier - Hannah​-​Carillon Canadian New
Forteresse (Remix le R 1er)
Règlement 17 - Mutations - Phase 2 Canadian New
Burn The Whole Thing Down
Mister Arcade - Single Canadian New
Asuquomo - DIOBU EP Canadian New
Animals Eating People
Marie-Clo - Shell​(​e) Part I Canadian New
Fallin’ World
Timal Garnier - Single Canadian New
Amateur Podiatry - Pedicurious + Solemates Canadian
Talking Crazy Talk
Free Refills - .​.​.​And That World Is Gone Now Canadian New
Not Over
Adamlooping - K Is For Quarantine Canadian New
Interactive CKCU