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Indie City Madness
Monday May 20th, 2019 with Elly Laberge and Rick Vaughan
Ep. 290: New Week, New Music!

Elly and Rick kick off the week with a mixed bag of local music including new tracks by Okies, Slack Bridges, Fractures & Outlines and Hey, Wow. Have a listen!
Okies - Once a Fisherman from Spain Canadian New
Just One Second
Slack Bridges - Single Canadian New
Pour boire, il faut vendre
Hey, Wow - 1974​-​1979 Canadian New
Je Vous Salue Tam​-​Tam
Rommel Ribeiro - Caminho De Vento Canadian
Mehdi Cayenne - Radio Batata Canadian
Top of the Top
Language Arts - Lemon//Lime Canadian New
Peach & Lemonade
Cicaeda - songs i wrote about u Canadian
Messiah Complex
Elementals - I'm Not Here, I'm Not Real Canadian
Fractures & Outlines - Defenseless Canadian New
United for Our World
Colorsfade - In Real Time Canadian
Maximum Overdrive
Exo-Vedate - EP Canadian
Sweaty Headaches
All Day Breakfast - Good Luck Canadian
Fix My Guitar
The Hitmakers - Niagara Falls of Blood Canadian New
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