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Indie City Madness
Monday August 27th, 2018 with Elly Laberge & Rick Vaughan
Ep. 252: Homie Don't Know Why it's Gotta be September Next Week??

Rick and Elly throw a mix of punk, indie, and hip-hop into the airwaves on this beautiful Monday, August 27th. Catch our out-of-town track and franco-feature Hubert Lenoir, tracks from Ethnotechnique, Mismatched Socks, Wire Cuffs, and plenty more!!
Flying Hórses - Tölt Canadian
Ethnotechnique - Basement Sessions Canadian
How We Grow
Welcome The Ghost - What's Left Of The Rest Of Us Canadian New
I Saw It In Your Eyes
Guy Major - Everything is Now Canadian
God Hates Me But I Don't Care
Mismatched Socks - Room For Growth Canadian
Fille de personne III
Hubert Lenoir - Darlène Canadian
Gold Crown
The Red Rails - Single Canadian
Bad News / Dead Tomorrow
Wire Cuffs - Single Canadian
Dot Dot Dot
Audio Visceral - Cildce Bihaver Canadian
Ride Out
Scepter - Single Canadian
Tightlip - Tight on Time Canadian
DOXX - III Canadian
True Talk
Mischief - Single Canadian
Homie Don't Know
Cheeko Salaam - Thirst Trap Mixtape Canadian
Interactive CKCU