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Indie City Madness
Monday July 30th, 2018 with Elly Laberge and Rick Vaughan
Ep. 248: Summer On The Run

This week, Elly and Rick reunited in the studio for a packed 60-minute show featuring a bunch of new releases by Kalle Mattson, Geneviève Corrigan, Welcome The Ghost, Occult Burial and more. Check it out!
Drae - TRI Canadian New
Kids On The Run
Kalle Mattson - Youth. Canadian New
Geneviève Corrigan - Single Canadian New
Les femmes
Kristine St-Pierre - La promesse Canadian
Plus Loin
Maggie's March - À l'abri du Vent Canadian
A Song For The Weak
Dead Blues Carnival - Turbo Spooky Outlaws Canadian
Burn It Down
Bastards and the Buzzards - Bastards and the Buzzards Canadian
If There's No Moon
Welcome The Ghost - What's Left Of The Rest Of Us Canadian New
Animal Too
Riishi Von Rex - Single Canadian
Skeletal Laughter
Occult Burial - Skeletal Laughter Canadian New
Bridge Burner
We Were Sharks - Not A Chance Canadian
Last Hope / Lost Hope
The Great Diversion - Rocks and Rapids Canadian
Death Metal Witch - Seventh Sorceress Canadian
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