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Indie City Madness
Monday September 4th, 2017 with Elly Laberge
Ep. 201: From Isaac Vallentin and Moonfruits to Jack Pine and The Visit

For this latest episode of Indie City Madness, Elly hosted the show solo and played new music by Isaac Vallentin, TAXI, Shootin' Blanx and more.
Part of It
Isaac Vallentin - Single Canadian New
Les Marins
Moonfruits - Ste-Quequepart Canadian
TAXI - Single Canadian New
Lone Wolf
Jack Pine and the Fire - Lone Wolf EP Canadian
Laurence Nerbonne - XO Canadian
Daylight Soothes My Fear
Camille Delean - Single Canadian New
Lack of a Metaphor
Cool Kids Not You - Grow Up Already Canadian
Switching Sides
Shootin' Blanx - Torture Canadian New
War of the Gods
Chariots of the Gods - Ages Unsung Canadian
Cast Off The Veil
The Visit - Through Darkness Into Light Canadian
Interactive CKCU